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Swedish Massage

Soft tissue manipulation helps increase circulation and decrease pain.

60 minutes $100
90 minutes $135


Deep Tissue Massage

Manipulation of deeper levels of muscle and fascia; this is great for sports players who are tense from the activities
60 minutes $100
90 minutes $135


Pregnancy Massage

Massage during pregnancy can decrease muscle spasms and general discomfort
60 minutes $100


Lymphatic Drainage

Gentle manipulation of lymph in the body decreases swelling and pain.

60 minutes - $100


Pediatric Massage

Children ages from 4 to 13
30 minutes $45
45 minutes $65
60 minutes $90

Double Booking

A 2 hour slot, provided for you and a second person at the same location

for up to 60 minutes each. *Full 120 minute treatments available.

120 minutes $200

Triple Booking

A 3 hour slot, provided for you and a second person for 90 minute massages or 3 people at the same location for up to 60 minutes each.

180 minutes $300

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